We are getting ready to embark on a new journey...

A functional network is on the way to inspire people do good, create something useful...

About TRNet

TRNet started as a project name and brand when the National Science Council partnered with Middle East Technical University to form a joint venture. This marked the beginning of Turkey’s internet journey in 1992, at a time when the internet was still in its infancy. The company was initially named after the university as “Middle East Software Services.”

Following its acquisition by Hayat Informatics Holding in 2011, Turkey witnessed a significant increase in mobile internet users, and the number of broadband users skyrocketed. As a result, the company’s model had to be revised to align with market needs and upcoming trends.

In 2016, TRNet was spun off from Middle East Software Services and transformed into a functional cloud services provider, going beyond merely connecting individuals and companies to the internet. The focus shifted towards providing comprehensive cloud solutions.

About the Project

We are developing a functional network project with the aim of enabling people to learn, work, and improve their lives together. The project is intended to be geographically distributed, spanning from Indonesia to Morocco, much like the historical Silk Road.

Currently, three-fourths of internet traffic is consumed by video content, which often lacks significant impact on individuals’ lives. However, we firmly believe in the positive effects of a worldwide, high-speed, cost-effective networking infrastructure that serves a meaningful purpose. We believe that there are millions of people yearning for such a network, and they would experience even greater satisfaction by being an integral part of it.

Our approach involves engaging millions of developers in this journey, regardless of their current programming capabilities. We will provide training to empower them and shape them into future programmers. By harnessing the power of collaborative work, we aim to make the world a better place than it is today.